The price of fuel keeps creeping up. Whether it’s Government tax, council levies, ACC levies, local oil companies or the international oil market, it seems that the Kiwi motorists, particularly those in Auckland, cannot get a break when it comes to fuel price rises.

The latest set of rises have come in far too quick and just before summer when a lot of Kiwis head out on their summer roadies.

If you dread refueling stops, then below are some tips and tricks that will help ease the pain the next time you pull up at the pumps.

  1. Smooth driving

Accelerate smoothly, especially on hill climbs and in traffic jams. Exercise the two second rule when following other vehicles to give yourself space to smooth into driving.


  2. Plan your trip

Your engine uses more fuel per km on a cold starts so once you’ve started rolling, then you might as well cover all your stops. For shorts runs, flex those hamstrings and calf muscles and leg it if you can. Also try and avoid rush hour if you can as a ‘stop start’ journey uses more fuel than a continuous one.


  3. Regular service and tune ups help reduce fuel consumption.

  4. Ensure that your vehicle’s fuel system in good condition – ensure fuel filter has been serviced and fuel injectors are clean. 


  5. Ensure that your vehicle’s spark plugs are in good condition and the correct heat range for the application. 


  6. Ensure that your vehicle’s ECU is tuned for economy under light conditions (we typically see approx. 10-15% fuel saving with a good re-flash tune). Also check that the fuel pressures set within the correct range for your vehicle. 


  7. Check your tyre pressure as incorrect tyre pressure uses more than 5% more fuel. Click here for more info on your vehicle. Check tyre pressure at least once a month and especially before long trips.

  8. Pick the right fuel for your car and drive on the fuel your car was tuned on as other fuel types might push your vehicle to run rich or lean i.e. if your vehicle is tuned with BP high octane then it will run rich and waste fuel if you fill up at Gull using Force 10 and vice versa.


  9. Use your aircon wisely as it too is a strain on fuel consumption.


 10.  Reduce drag

If your vehicle is carrying unnecessary weight or drag, like unused roof storage box, then more fuel will be consumed carrying these around.


Shop around for fuel

  11. There are some awesome free tools like Gaspy ( which you can use to find the nearest and most importantly the cheapest fuel price around.


  12. There are some great fuel discounts around. FarmSource’s SuperCard fuel card offers 16 cents discount on pump prices at Mobil and 11 cents at Z. More info on this card can be found here and yes, anyone can apply for this card.

We hope that you find these tips useful and they help you with fuel consumption. If you need assistance with any of the points mentioned above then Team Subirex is here to help.


Team Subirex wishes you a safe driving.